Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Passing Gas has to go out somewhere

If you have Gastric Problems you likely have digestion problems

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Most people with digestion problems have to release that gas one way or another.
Either you belch or you fart. 
Those are the two options... if you aren't doing either one of those two you've got intense pain (at least I had intense pain, I'd have given up a winning lottery ticket just to be albe to fart one night, that's how bad the pain was)

When you 'pass gas' you are also releasing methane and ammonia. It's not surprising that you could also get diaper rash. What if you fart and you're out someplace where it's not very easy for you to clean your bottom end?

That can lead to "diaper rash".

I found Boudreaux's Butt Paste to be a lifesaver...

I'm a grand father now, a full time care giver and I hang out in Mom forums to stay on top of what to do to care for my little grandbaby.

I participated in a forum thread (that's what they call a bulletin board serise of messages, they call it a thread) where I learned a whole bunch of useful tips for diaper rash.

I didn't have the nerve to tell everybody that I HAD diaper rash... I just said: "hmm, is that so?"

Here are just a few of the options suggested:

I have a friend that if she used diaper rash cream that had zinc-oxide in it her kids would break out like that. You'd have to get it online, but you might want to try a zinc-oxide free diaper rash cream. There is also a chance that his diaper rash is an allergic reaction to a particular food. I have another friend that any time her son had anything that had apples in it he would get a diaper rash really bad. Just some thoughts.

We've had the same problem with my 11 mo old. As the message below says, Vusion is absolutely amazing. My doctor wouldn't prescribe it because she said it was way overpriced. Instead she gave me samples and there was a dramatic improvement after just one application. She said in the future we could get the same results from applying the four things that pretty much make up Vusion: anti-fungal cream, hydrocortizone, zinc oxide and vaseline. It's messy to put them all on at once, but oh what a difference it makes!

I would let him sit in a bath at least once a day. Our pediatrician also recommended hydrocortisone cream after one change and lotrimin ( or some other antifungal cream) after the next change. I have sometimes found just a good coating of vaseline works the best

Nothing was working as quickly as I wanted as he was so sore!!! I found Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It is a miracle! you can buy it almost anywhere. walmart, target!!! You dont need a prescription and it works right away!! hope this helps.

You've had tons of advice, but I didn't see any suggestions to use Bag Balm. My son would have the worst acidic-like poop that burned his bottom terribly. I tried the usual zinc-oxide based stuff, but no luck. Then I tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Great stuff for most times, but when he got really bad, very raw with some bleeding spots, I used a warm washcloth to clean him. Then I would pat him completely dry with a soft cloth, then slather him up with Bag Balm. You can get it in either the gardening or Pet department
Ok, that's enough... you get the point.
Sh** happens.... you're better off if it does 
cause it hurts real bad if Sh** DOESN'T happen!!

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