Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gluten Intolerance May Not Be Celiac Disease

I stumbled on an informative interesting Youtube video explaining that it's possible to have a Gluten Intolerance without actually having Celiac Disease

In the video Celina Jean speaks of trying what she called an "Elimination Diet"... Taking responsibility for ones own health is a pet peeve of mine: as a society we've been "trained" to go ask a doctor to find out what is or isn't wrong with us.

Well there's plenty of evidence that doctors don't know the answers to our health questions.

If you suspect a gluten intolerance, then stop eating gluten for several weeks, if you feel better fine, start eating it again, if you feel worse, then you know more than you did before the test.

A Wegmans food store opened near my house recently: Wegmans has a section devoted to Gluten Free foods, I enjoyed raisin bread for the first time in a year!

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