Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doctor said Bran soaks up acid

I am not a doctor, this blog does not dispense medical advice. This blog is by someone who had problems and is willing to share possible solutions.

"Given enough pain you CAN teach a dog new tricks"

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Why do people continue to do things that have negative consequences?
There is a whole cottage industry about what addiction counselors call secondary gain

In a nutshell, people have more than one reason for why they do stuff they do... perhaps half of the reasons why people do what they do is hidden from them. In other words, you've got parts you aren't aware you have and they are making decisions on your behalf you don't know they made. To make things worse, those hidden parts aren't very happy with you.

And they can 'get even'. 

Perhaps this is why we eat stuff we know we shouldn't?

I have, apparently been eating acidic stuff for decades and the consequences have come home to roost. When I eat chocolate (to excess) my bowels, colon, lower intestine and the rest of my digestive tract will let me know about it.

My hemorrhoids will also not let me forget that they have needs either!

Given enough pain... OK, ok... so what to do about it after the fact?

I drink water with baking soda... that gives me diarrhea, but at least the intense pressure of gas pains are lowered.... then the hemorrhoids remind me of the error of my eating habit ways.

I did see a doctor about this, I had to; the gas pains were so severe I lost a good job (a $1000 week truck driving job with almost government health benefits).

One of the things the doctor suggested was that Bran (bran cereal or bran muffins) could serve to "soak up" the acid in my digestive tract.  I tried that and am happy to report it seems to help (a LOT)

One of the tests the doctor had me do involved an enema.

ouch... nasty topic.

Garbage in, garbage out. I never thought I'd hear my self think this but there might just be something to the colon cleansing products we see on infomercials. I'll keep you posted.

And about the eating stuff that has negative consequences that you ARE aware of and you keep doing it anyway....  Here is a constructive tip on the topic of willpower:

You can practice will power, what I mean is most people simply give up when they come to the realization that they aren't likely to stop doing x, y or z.

There IS enormous benefit to exercising your will power. The notion of 'it's gotta be cold turkey or it don't count' is a urban legend. You can 'take baby steps' and those 'baby steps' are not a waste of time. When you first jumped on a bicycle you fell down a lot... same principle here.

Will power is like a muscle that can be exercised... and there are good reasons for starting an exercises program with the knowledge and awareness that you have to start where you are. What is that line about "how do you eat an elephant?" one bite at a time... and a journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time.

that's all I got for now

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