Thursday, January 29, 2009

Intestinal Tract healing on it's own

I'm at a loss as to what I should do with this blog.

My lawyers hate it, I'm not a doctor, I have no intention of giving medical advice, nor even suggesting medical advice on this blog. Blogs are supposed to be a online diary, a new medium, you read interesting stuff from someone' s perspective.

On the other hand they are still websites, and stuff you claim or alude to on a website can be construed all sorts of ways.

I may just delete this damn thing...

Here's what's up: I had digestive problems, I did not have health insurance, I tried stuff on my own. It worked.

If it doesn't for you I can't help that.

I drank more water (hydrate is good)
I chewed my food more completely.
When my stomach hurt I took baking soda in water because antacids didn't do a thing for me.

That gave me diarrhea, not fun, but better than being doubled over in pain.
I had to determine for myself how much was too much baking soda.
After a time I got the dosage right (right for me). If you do this you're going to de-hydrate yourself, so you've got to drink more water to compensate.

this is getting worse and worse

methinks I'll just delete this blog.

I've seen spam blogs like this. they are full of links to RX sites and snake oil products from overseas pharmacies...

You just can't write what you want to write without someone accusing you of this or that.

Oh well.

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