Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chew your damn food!

For years I always thought it was *cool* to Woof Down my food.

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I thought it was *cute*.

I'm paying for that now.

In the 1994 movie "Milk Money" with Ed Harris, Melody Griffith, and Michael Patrick Carter.
Melanie Griffith,(V) played a woman of the streets who meets up with three boyswho want to see what a girl looks like in the nude.
There is a scene where the father (Ed Harris) encourages his son (Michael Patrick Carter) to eat dinner with a *food race*

There is another popular movie that encourages this Woofing Down your dinner:

Major Payne, 1995

I started down this 'eat too fast' path when I got into body building when I was a teen. I was skinny (not really, but I wanted to be "beefy"). I read somewhere in a muscle magazine that if you ate slowly you'd feel full and want to eat less...

well, I wanted to gain weight (I've always had a fast metabolism so it's been super hard for me to gain, if I did gain, it'd come right back off in less than 2 weeks- fat people hate me)

so I ate fast... in the mistaken belief that I could fill my belly before the "full sensation" made me want to stop feasting.

Well 30 years later (and lots of tooth decay, but that's another post) and my stomach is MESSED UP!!!

Antacids never helped me at all... for me relief has been spelled "Arm and Hammer"

baking soda is a lot cheaper than rolaids too!


I realize that many people seeing this blog description in the search engines have the opposite metabolic problem from me... they're overweight and have gastric problems of their own:

Gastric bypass problems are a common concern when you are considering having lap band surgery or a roux-en-y procedure. Many of the problems associated with lap band surgery or minor and are next to nothing compared to the health risks of being obese. Some of the problems you may experience with the lap band are:
*Stomach wall deterioration
*Formation of ulcers
*Gas bloat
*Difficulty swallowing


That's all I have time for today


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