Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu killed 60 in Mexico

Meat raising industry causes hundreds of thousands of deaths, each year. Swine Flu is from pigs. Raised in larger than natural by livestock farms in warehouses, 1 gets it, it travels to infect all the animals, then before its ever detected thousands of infected livestock pigs get sent to be killed, eaten by humans, and then people begin dying before it's inevitably traced back to animal raising for food.

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Bird flu, comes from poultry. Chickens raised by livestock farms for consumption. 1 gets it, then thousands in cages in close proximity are all susceptible to the spread of the infection. Before it's caught thousands get sent to KFC or tyson or packaged into meat in stores, bought eaten and kills multiple humans before it's inevitably traced back to a factory meat farm.

Avian flu H5N1 kills 50% of its victims. To put that in perspective, the great Spanish flu of the year 1918 killed over 50 MILLION humans. The flu killed more than several world wars. And the spanish flu was only 3% deadly. In contrast, the Avian bird flu kills half the people who get infected with it. The tendency is to think that things that happened long ago were more harsh, and they are nothing nowadays in the 21st century. However this exemplifies that the flu that is out there today has an even WORSE mortality and deadliness. And a reminder there is no cure for it. Remember it is killing half the people that contract it, even with today's medical knowledge and technology.

Beef is responsible for killing 12 people in Canada. It infects people with listeriosis, ecoli, brucellosis, anthrax, tape worms, creutzfeld jakob disease which if you eat cow meat infects you with prions for which there is no known cure and essentially turns your skull into swiss cheese. In the news, when you read or hear about ecoli or salmonella infecting spinach, or tomatoes or something, keep in mind, ecoli and salmonella CANNOT generate in a tomato or from spinach, those are Not the cause. Ecoli and salmonella generate inside the intestines of meat animals. What is happening, is that there is some meat farm, raising some animal for meat, the farm conditions have resulted in sick animals, bacteria are growing inside the meat animals, the animals then defecate feces, and then rain or irrigation water is washing the feces into the groundwater, and often nearby there is another farm using that water infected by meat animal feces to spray all over their plantings.

This is how the spinach or tomatoes or whatnot are getting infected. Vegetables cannot develop those bacteria, it wasn't the vegetable, the source was bacteria up inside the rectum of animals on a meat farm, which defecated, and their feces got washed into the farm's water runoff which then merely got onto the surface of those plants and then picked and trucked to the market like that. It's actually raising meat animals that caused it. It's viruses that infect animals that can infect humans. Plants use chlorophyll, not hemoglobin. It's animal physiology that is closer to humans that allows the contagion to jump to humans. Plants are often too different in biological composition. Humans cant catch plant-only viruses from vegetables, it's animal diseases that can leap to infect humans. And this is made worse by meat farms which raise more and more livestock, beyond the population found in nature, and even worse when they are raised in close proximity, in cages, trying to be more 'efficient', condensing space, and having operations that promote eating more & more of it, and ship millions of pounds of potentially infected meat all over the place.

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